Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Vegas makes me feel

I just got back from Vegas, we went for a video game tournament and I realized that every time I go, I get the same feeling about myself. LOL it is funny and others might feel the same way but I thought that I would share. I always bring clothes to dress up in, you know the sparkly tops, the tight jeans, the heels. I always bring make up that I dont normally wear on a regular basis this year was the sparkle eyes shadow that I got at the del mar fair called ice shadows and I always think that I am going to dress to impress! Well this time, like all the other times. I got dressed up every evening, only to walk the casino floor thinking "wow, wish I was as hot as her" or "darn it, why cant I dress like that" ok so I have always been told I am "big boned" but I am a taller girl and I wish that I could just be tall and super thin, not tall with some meat on my bones. Or better yet I wish that I was not even tall, I put on a pair of heels and I am 6 foot tall. I always seem to leave Vegas feeling a little bit less then gorgeous and when I get home, I throw the diet out the window (ok for about a week). Then I think I have 6 months until we go back, I am getting skinny this time and I will rock that strip, never happens. Maybe if I put these thoughts into this blog, and I share my feelings I might actually get motivated haha. Ok I am trying!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Holly Madison

After watching UFC 100 lat night I thought that I would find out more about Holly Madison. I really had not heard of her.. I know silly since she is obviously known by a lot. She is in the Planet Hollywood show "peepshow". She was a ring girl in last night UFC 100, actually she was the first celebrity ring girl they have had. All the men in the room made comments about how hot she was all night. I have to admit she is not bad. So she is on my Hot list. She is now living in Vegas and is in PeepShow 6 nights a week. She has her own website so if you want to see more pics of her and find out more about her check that page out. Hot Holly, hope you do well in Vegas. I will be there in 3 days!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Daisy of Love

Dating has gone to all new levels with all of these reality shows about celebrities and even regular people are finding love and the world just loves to watch. I watched Brett Michael's Rock of Love 1, 2 and the Rock of Love Bus. So of course I was going to watch Daisy of Love. When she was first on Rock of Love 2 I thought she was hot. She has an edge to her and she is a petite and cute at the same time. I love the show Daisy of Love and I never miss an episode. I hope that she will end up with a good guy, not sure yet which one that is going to be though. I was for sure thinking that Dave or better known as 12 pack would win, but now that London is back who knows what will happen. I hope that what ever happens that she finds what she is looking for, but then again it would be fun to watch a Daily of Love 2. And with that said, I think that I have an addiction to VH1's reality shows lol. Is she Hot or Not?