Saturday, July 25, 2009

How Vegas makes me feel

I just got back from Vegas, we went for a video game tournament and I realized that every time I go, I get the same feeling about myself. LOL it is funny and others might feel the same way but I thought that I would share. I always bring clothes to dress up in, you know the sparkly tops, the tight jeans, the heels. I always bring make up that I dont normally wear on a regular basis this year was the sparkle eyes shadow that I got at the del mar fair called ice shadows and I always think that I am going to dress to impress! Well this time, like all the other times. I got dressed up every evening, only to walk the casino floor thinking "wow, wish I was as hot as her" or "darn it, why cant I dress like that" ok so I have always been told I am "big boned" but I am a taller girl and I wish that I could just be tall and super thin, not tall with some meat on my bones. Or better yet I wish that I was not even tall, I put on a pair of heels and I am 6 foot tall. I always seem to leave Vegas feeling a little bit less then gorgeous and when I get home, I throw the diet out the window (ok for about a week). Then I think I have 6 months until we go back, I am getting skinny this time and I will rock that strip, never happens. Maybe if I put these thoughts into this blog, and I share my feelings I might actually get motivated haha. Ok I am trying!

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